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This Old Glory bracelet represents all that is good in America, Freedom. When you wrap this handmade (by DiveTherapy) bracelet around your wrist, you can feel the spirit of George Washington lead you from sea to shining sea, where Jacques Cousteau will guide you on an underwater adventure to the lost city of Atlantis. A chorus of trumpet-fish will announce your illustrious arrival on purebred seahorses draped in the finest kelp, through the golden doors of the palace and to the glorious feast that awaits you as King Poseidon's honored guests. You will be knighted as a warfighter against Veteran suicide, and your named forever etched in infamy. Do not let eternal glory slip through your grasp! Seize the moment and help end veteran suicide! The ocean awaits.

Old Glory

  • Old Glory is an adjustable one size fits all bracelet.

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